The Mexican-American War

 The Mexican-American War Composition

Mexican-American War: Just, Or Unjust

Author: Joe Bertinand

Time: Febuary 18, 2012

The Mexican-American Battle, without an iota of dought, was unjust.

America was which peaceful, diplomatic solutions between them, and

their neighboring nation, Mexico, were weakening, however took the chance

pertaining to the idea of Reveal Destiny. Manifest Destiny was your belief that nation

should stretch as far as the Pacific Ocean, and, in order to that, they must

acquire even more land. South america was steamed at the fact they had misplaced Texas to

the Union, which usually further fragile the relaxing negotiations between your

claims, and South america. This left America without other choice, but to go to

another war.

In their search for spread even more land towards the Pacific, that they sent a diplomat

to negotiate with Mexico, on enabling the United States to get California.

They refused, and then-president James E. Polk dispatched General Zachary Taylor

to a river, owned simply by both the declares, and Mexico, where Philippine troops had been

present. The American troops robbed the Philippine troops in to letting from the

initially shot, so that it makes it seem as if they will started that. The People in the usa soon

garnered favour in the battle, if it could help them inside the quest of spreading the

land. What's unjust about this is definitely, they simply declined to give up A bunch of states to

a country they did not want to relinquish that to, and so, the other side, certainly not

obtaining what they desire, sent these people into conflict.

After six months of fighting, the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo was signed,

and Mexico gave up nearly 500, 000 sq ft of terrain, which shortly became

the says of California, Utah, and Nevada, along with some of Az. Though

America refunded Mexico with $15 million dollars, loosing land, and Mexican

troops in irreplaceable.

Manifest Destiny's dominative mother nature cost the two states dearly,...

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