The Hero: Alexander the Great

 The Main character: Alexander the truly great Essay

The Hero: Alexander the Great

In the month of October the fantastic King of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, came to be. He was the son of Philip II, who is considered as an excellent general of Macedonia, and queen Olympias of Epirus. This individual inherited the very best qualities and character of both of his parents. His father had strong and determined talents of a true general fantastic mother was unreliable and out of control. Through his years as a child, most of his friends were women. Lanice, who is a nurse, had taken good care of Alexander during his early life. Her younger sibling, Clitus, was AlexanderВ‘s playmate and regarded as one of his faithful good friend. Alexander's early life was just like a common Greek existence. He generally played hoop and projectiles and enjoyed night reports. In his seventh year, having been assigned to a teacher who also taught him good good manners and conducts as well as kept him out of difficulties. Leonidas, a family member of his mother started to be his guitar tutor. He was a very strict person and relatively a disciplinarian but an effective and effective teacher to Alexander. His intellectual capacity was found at age 10. At this childhood, he was previously reciting the Iliad. He was also put through for hard trainings and physical work-outs that taught him of survival of hardships and neediness (Cummings 49-51). The famous Greek philosopher of all time, Aristotle, became Alexander's tutor. Aristotle discussed principles about viewpoint, government and politics, literary works which include poems and theatre and the numerous sciences. Above all, Aristotle explained to Alexander that slavery was normal and natural and he would mention the Persians which are represented to get barbarians (Lendering) When his father perished, he became the inheritor of his throne from a young age of 20. Alexander was not the only legal heir in the kingship. In reality a much old Amyntas, son of Peddicas, is one of them. Many jealous people which include other frontrunners of resistance requested towards the agreement of...

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