Physics Research laboratory report several

 Physics Research laboratory report 7 Essay

Experiment six: Relative Thickness

Laboratory Statement

Marella Dela ut Cruz, Janrho Dellosa, Arran Enriquez,

Alyssa Estrella, Zacharie Fuentes

Division of Math and Physics

College of Science, College or university of Santo Tomas

EspaГ±a, Manila Philippines


The experiment was conducted to demonstrate the different techniques on how to determine a great object's structure through it is density and also to determine an object's density by displacement method and the Archimedes Theory. Results show that. The materials applied were the spring level, beaker, 25 pieces of fresh 25 centavo coins, a bone by a pig's leg, diet plan and standard soft drinks, and a pycnometer. 1 . Introduction

Density is actually a physical property of matter. It is the mass per device volume of a substance. Through this experiment, relative density is likewise used to have the ability to determine the composition from the substances or perhaps objects used. Relative denseness is the rate of a thickness of a substance to that from the density of the given material for consultation. It is also generally known as specific gravity. Density is employed when making or perhaps building items that are required to float just like ships upon water and airplanes while flying. Objectives:

1 . To determine the density of the object simply by displacement technique 2 . To look for the composition of a substance depending on its thickness 3. To look for the density of the substance simply by Archimedes Basic principle 2 . Theory

Relative Denseness (R. D. ) or perhaps also known as Certain gravity (S. G. ), is theВ raitoВ of theВ densityВ of a substance towards the density of the given material for consultation. The object's mass is weighed for the electronic stability and the volume of the specified thing is determine by a managed to graduate cylinder where the initial browsing is accounted for and the final reading where object was dropped in the cylinder. Volume= Vf- Vi; whereVf is the Final studying or quantity and Ni is the initial reading or volume inside the cylinder. Density is defined in this formula p= MV where M is the mass of the object and Versus is the Amount...

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