Mesopotamia and Egypt Comparative Dissertation

 Mesopotamia and Egypt Relative Essay

Matt B


World Background AP-3

21 September 2011

Mesopotamia and Egypt Relative Essay

When both the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations share similar politics, social and economic characteristics, the details of such broad spectrums branch away in contrary directions. For instance , both Mesopotamia and Egypt were reigned over by kings, but in Egypt, their nobleman were referred to as pharaohs and in addition they had significantly more power compared to the Mesopotamian nobleman of the city-states. Both civilizations also acquired social classes in which a person fit into, but in Mesopotamia, a lot more rules and restrictions had been forced on to women, especially young girls, than Mesopotamian young boys or Egyptian boys or perhaps girls. Both equally Mesopotamia and Egypt exchanged with each other, however the goods they traded were completely dependent of their civilization's special needs. Pharaohs enjoyed a powerful function in the Silk society, also than the kings did inside the Mesopotamian world. Although equally rulers experienced great obligations such as leading their armies, managing their civilizations, and ruling within the people within their jurisdiction, the Egyptian pharaohs ruled over much more land and people than the Mesopotamian nobleman did. This is because Mesopotamia was divided into small city-states by which one king was given to, but in Egypt the pharaoh reigned over over the complete civilization and was supposed to bring them prosperity and wealth. The pharaohs were even thought to have godly powers and used these to communicate with different gods to safeguard the Egyptians from the surging of the Nile and other unfortunate occurances. Socially, Mesopotamia and Egypt are very similar in these kinds of ways like they have social classes. Both Mesopotamian and Egypt social classes strongly echo one another with all the priests and kings towards the top, followed by the wealthy persons, then the the public, then the slaves, however in Egypt, slaves may climb in the social ladder by marrying someone within class. In Mesopotamia, slaves...

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