Meaning of Your life and Freedom

 Meaning of Life and Freedom Article

Exactly what does freedom mean to you?

Flexibility means the justification to act readily. Freedom in my experience means after i feel free by any disorders, problems and home works. Freedom has connection among our true lives, like when we feel the freedom we will be free and may do anything that which we want to do. As that is the which means of freedom for me Let me show a few examples of flexibility in my life.

In which do I take a moment? I usually feel free when I just visited my house since in my property there won't be any disruption and there will only be me personally living with my children. It is really totally different from school since in school there was my friend and teacher, helping to make me think not totally free. One day I had been at my property alone and I feel the flexibility and I enjoy it. This Identifies where may i feel free but it will surely be better once there is no hindrance happening like in my house.

In term of financially I feel free once i was in Indonesia, because in the event I'm not really in Philippines but My spouse and i lived in England. The money My spouse and i spent in the uk will be more as compared to Indonesia wherever I continue to got a simlar amount of pocket money. And if I stay in Africa maybe I will be rich from my pocket money however the place My spouse and i live are not so free. So I selected Indonesia to be the freest place in term of financially. This kind of describes why I didn't want to live in a rich country except Let me get more money if I reside in the abundant country.

I also could feel free when I was very healthy. Basically get light headed, stomach problems, or less rest I would not be incredibly free because these diseases will influence my wellness. Just like once i play soccer, I won't play very great if I acquire some disease targeting me. When I feel healthy, no disease on my body, I will play very great. So feeling free requires no disease harming all of us, which means we need to be healthy and balanced.

I feel cost-free when I possess my friends alongside me, exactly where it feels comfy when we enjoy, talk, or hangout with them. Like one day when I was only at my property no brothers and sisters and friends accompany me, I feel incredibly...

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