Differences of Freud and Erikson's Phases

 Differences of Freud and Erikson’s Stages Essay

There are different methods of identifying developmental process of human. Because of the fact that person has really sophisticated component, we all cannot use one way to break down process or examine their nature. Allow me to share two big famous researchers who happen to be Eric Erickson and Sigmund Freud displays us developing stages of human coming from different stage of sights but as well they have prevalent point of view in different types. Freud's Psychosexual Levels

Oral Level (Birth to eighteen months): During the oral stage, the child if focused on dental pleasures (sucking). Too much or perhaps too little satisfaction can result in a great Oral Fixation or Common Personality which is evidenced with a preoccupation with oral actions. Personality sensible, these individuals may become overly dependent upon others, naive, and everlasting followers.. Individuality wise, these individuals may become extremely dependent upon others, gullible, and perpetual fans. Example: I will give my own cousin's child as an example; after he born, first a year, his just needs is to be nourish by his mother so when he rss feeds, he seems like enjoying and taking pleasure because of carrying out that. Anal Stage (18 months to three years). The child's focus of pleasure through this stage is usually on reducing and retaining feces. Through society's pressure, mainly by way of parents, the child has to discover how to control anal stimulation. In terms of personality, after effects of an anal fixation during this stage can lead to an passion with cleanliness, perfection, and control (anal retentive). Case in point: after fist and 50 percent year; We realized that my own cousin's children starts to keep my hand, or perhaps when I give him a doll which he's not interested, he drop it or when he desires to be cared for, he retains my hand. Phallic Stage (ages three to six). The pleasure region switches towards the genitals. Freud believed that during this stage boy develop unconscious sexual desires because of their mother. For this reason, he turns into rivals together with his father and sees him as competition for the mother's passion. It was added that women go through an identical situation, growing unconscious lovemaking attraction for their father. Even though Freud Strongly disagreed with this, it is termed the Electra complicated by most recent psychoanalysts. According to Freud, out of fear of castration and due to the strong competition of his father, boys eventually decide to identify with him rather than fight him. Simply by identifying along with his father, the boy builds up masculine qualities and pinpoints himself like a male, and represses his sexual thoughts toward his mother. Model: My neighbor's daughter became extremely envious to her daddy. Especially 1 day, we were heading a part all together and her mother placed on a gold earrings. His father said to her mother: ”it is looking wonderful”. Her daughter did start to cry and said that” you became more wonderful than me” and your woman forced her mother to put off them. It was seriously clear case for me. Latency Stage (age six to puberty): Is actually during this level that the desire for sex remain overpowered, oppressed and children interact and play mostly with same sex peers. Example: At this stage; children starts to preschool or kind of colleges and they begins to play with their particular peer rather than playing relatives, and a great interaction begins to be happen. Genital Stage (puberty on). The final stage of psychosexual development commences at the start of puberty when ever sexual urges happen to be once again awakened. Through the lessons learned throughout the previous levels, adolescents direct their sexual urges onto reverse sex peers; with the principal focus of delight is the penile. Example: When ever my cousin was a decade old, she started to spend much more amount of time in front of mirror; as well she accustomed to play with her other's makeup staff together a big interest for...

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