Canada's Contribution in WORLD WAR II

 Canada’s Contribution in WWII Essay


After the First Universe War, most Canadians declined to go to another great war due to the heavy responsibility of debt and conscription issue (Stacey). However , when Philippines invaded Belgium on Sept. 2010 1, 1939, Canada announced war on Germany 9 times later, with all the determination to retrieve the earth peace (" Ten" ). Even though Canada was among the victorious countries in the Ww2 and the entire country was mostly engaged, not a lot of Canadian today knows about Canada's role in the WWII (" Remebering" ). Yet , it is presumed that Canada played an important role in providing time, war material supplies and military training supports inside the WWII, which in turn had directly led to the victory of Allied nations around the world. Firstly, Canada's war work on rendering manpower was undeniable, plus the contribution of Canadian navy blue, air force and army were also one of the most significant factors that led to the ultimate victory. Particularly the Royal Canadian Navy, who achieved one of the most fantastic accomplishments. In the Challenge of the Atlantic, Canada helped to win the challenge against The german language U-boats although shipped the supplies to Britain (Stacey). In total, the RCN had lost 2, 000 people and more than 1, six hundred Canadian vendor mariners inside the battle (Colyer 236). Nevertheless , the success of this battle allowed Canada to send the supplies to support the Allies. Furthermore, the navy blue soldiers confirmed their bravery and intelligence to the community by getting the victory under the pressure of better-trained German navy. British Excellent Minister, Winston Churchill summed up the importance of this challenge by writing, " The Battle of Atlantic was the dominating factor all through the war” (Colyer 236). Identically, the contribution from the Royal Canadian Air Force was also very remarkable. In the Struggle of Britain, a lot more than 100 Canadian pilots travelled in fighter operations, and 200 more flew in bombing raids, and they efficiently helped the RAF to hold off the Germans,...

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