Banaue Travel Guiding Screenplay

 Essay about Banaue Travel Guiding Program


Tourist guide: Good Morning my personal dear vacationers. I was Louraine, the tour guide intended for today. I actually am willing to guide and assist you. So my special tourists, How are you?


Tour Guide: Oh that is good; ahead of we start I would like one to meet our coach chief Kuya Felix, say hi there to Kuya Felix.


Tour Guide: Mr. Felix will go along with us. My dear vacationers, Are you capable to explore the advantage of Banaue?


Tour Guide: In a few minutes we are entering the province of Banaue.

WELCOME TO BANAUE! (Land with the Eight Universe Wonder)

Banaue is one of the municipalities in the region of Ifugao, a land-locked area on the foot with the Cordillera huge batch range in Northern Luzon, Philippines. The rice balconies and the abundant colorful culture of their native inhabitants, the Ifugaos, make Banaue, or Ifugao Province generally, an interesting destination for the intrepid traveler searching for unique activities. My dear tourists, will you be excited to our first vacation spot? Are you familiar to Banaue Rice Terraces? So prepare yourself to our initial destination.


Tour Guide: Therefore , we are today here in our first vacation spot which is the Banaue Grain Terraces. Banaue rice balconies has been identified as the eighth wonder of the world. Carved out from the hillside simply by Ifugao tribes people 2000 to 3 thousands years ago without the aid of machinery to provide level actions where the natives plant rice. In 1995, they were reported a UNESCO World Historical past Site. My dear vacationers, you have thirty minutes to go around and take several pictures.

After thirty minutes.

Tour Guide: How will you find the spot my dear tourists?


Tour Guide: Oh which good. My own dear visitors, let's head to our second destination. May well dear visitors you are extremely lucky because today Banaue is celebrating Begnas Festival. It is an cultural offering of thanksgiving for any bountiful collect, where pigs or poultry are butchered for the family or clan people to participate of....