American Gothic Was Painted simply by Grant Wood

 American Medieval Was Colored by Give Wood Dissertation

Andrew Rowe

Linda Curtis

History 152

3 Nov 2010

American Gothic

Among America's most widely known paintings, American Gothic, was painted by Grant Solid wood, a artist best known pertaining to the traditional works of art of his home-state, Iowa. American Gothic was the reaction to a motion known as regionalism. Regionalism was obviously a movement in a 1930s America that was obviously a reaction and resistance to Europeans attempt to reflect the American way of life. Artists, like Offer Woods' employed the rural Midwest as their subject matter. I believe that American Medieval has very well represented this movement, and has resided on to be one of Many most favorite paintings. It truly is loved to get the countless interpretations and its ability to stimulate householder's imaginations. I really believe that the most possible interpretation can be in reference to the fantastic Depression. The man's steadfast demeanor, the woman troubled expression, and along with their black garments, leads to the interpretation that although their very own farm is failing, they will not leave, tend to be willing to face any ordeal that they may possibly face.

The scene is that of an older man firmly keeping a pitchfork; he is putting on glasses and traditional thirties farm garments, overalls and a light shirt. The black clothing that he can wearing above his farming attire is usually one aspect of the picture that stands out. Towards the man's correct is a middle-aged woman, the girl unlike the person is not really looking at the viewer. Just like the man, she actually is wearing traditional 1930's attire, and her dress is usually black too, with a simple pattern of white dots repeating on the dress. Immediately behind the couple is known as a white property. The windowpane that is among their mind is gothic in style, in contrast to the other windows around the house. Within the man's still left shoulder is known as a red hvalp, amongst round green trees and shrubs, against a clear blue skies. The woman plainly has a appearance of get worried on her deal with, perhaps even fear. She is still tight-lipped, position firmly behind the man. The man's good posture is that of a statue, comparable to...

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