American Dream

American Dream 04.09.2019
 American Dream Essay

My own American Desire You define your individual American Desire. Throughout my childhood I saw the American Desire as surviving in a big house with lots of money. I now recognize that the saying " less can be more” applies. As I have grown older my personal view of the dream has evolved. I now see the dream to be able to be happy with the life that you have got. The American Dream means something different to everyone. For a few it may be receiving easy funds, while for other folks it may be accomplished through work. Views on the American Wish vary greatly between every unique person. Many persons believe the dream is promoting from its traditional view, hard work and dedication, to getting " easy” cash. People consider getting this " easy” money is located off of fortune, through video game shows, lotteries, and rewarding laws. Other folks still believe in the traditional look at of the fantasy. I believe more in this perspective of the desire. Getting " easy” funds can be great, until it can gone that may be. " Easy” money will certainly all can be found at once, however you will not have a stable income to keep that cash. Through the classic view any individual can achieve the American Desire and keep that. This is the way I actually plan to obtain my American Dream. In my experience the American Dream basically all about cash. I see the American Fantasy as being capable of being happy with the life you have. We also think that " the American Wish says that anything can happen if you knuckle down enough in it and they are persistent, and still have some capability. The sky is the limit to what you are able to build, and what would happen to you and your family” (Sanford I. Weill). Briefly my American Fantasy is to graduate student college, become a nurse, get married, have kids, and help other people. More in detail my dream will begin at school, hopefully Western Chester College or university, or University or college of Pittsburgh. After graduation college my dream will require me to North Carolina, in which...

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