America continues to be devoted to countrywide brands

 America continues to be loyal to national brands Essay

Summer 6, 2013

America Remains Loyal to National Brands

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In an article permitted America Remains Loyal to National Brands, printed in Marketing Today, Roper Starch Worldwide, teamed up with the Food Manufacturers of America (GMA) to provide an analysis in the American Manufacturer consumers. This kind of study centered on demographics and prevalent habits of shoppers to show nearly half of Americans are " National Brand Loyalist”. With this research it was also revealed that name brand products account for more than 80% of total food and eatable sales. Although studying the demographic with the American Manufacturer consumer it had been discovered that Brand Marketers take the right observe with their target audience. The customers who obtain more than 48% of brand brand products were found being those individuals together with the means and likelihood of ongoing consumption of brand products. The demographics of this group confirmed such traits as being a fiscally stable home, college knowledgeable, married, and more than 68% were homeowners.

Past the individual demographics study the rand name consumers revealed other patterns and traits that were likely to enhance the product sales of Brand items. Such manners as continuing recommendations to friends and family intended for particular products and loyalty to products that you grew up with were good indications to manufacturer mangers a profit is to be made from ongoing production of brand name named tangibles. " Clearly national brands are still ruler in customers ‘eyes, ” said GMA president and CEO C. Manly Molpus. " This report offers a wealth of revealing facts about present brand dedicated consumer, that is looking for a level of quality, innovation and value that just brands regularly deliver. ”

This article was an blow for me ?nternet site would have assume the opposite of the findings. I believed the latest economic...

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