A Music Journey of Sergei Prokofiev

 A Audio Journey of Sergei Prokofiev Essay

Ashley Owens

Mentor Lleweylln

Music Appreciation

13 November 2012

Sergei Prokofiev

How does music make all of us feel? Not really what do all of us feel when we listen to music but specifically, what is it regarding Music that triggers our human being emotions? What effect did hearing these sad region songs for the radio at my morning travel to school have on the rest of my time? Why does positive hip hop music always make me nod me with the overcome? Why does a song like " Go rest at the top of that mountain” by Vince Gill constantly make me weep? Music is actually a large part of most of our everyday lives. Sergei Prokofiev understood that considering the feelings and feelings of the fan base was vital in the production of music, and displays in " Peter as well as the Wolf” how musical homes can persuade us psychologically. The road to Prokofiev's growth to being one of the most unique composers of his time made its debut in Sontsovka, Ukraine in the year 1891. His mom was a pianist and his first piano instructor. Prokofiev started out writing keyboard pieces at five through age 9 had written his first safari. He researched at the St . Petersburg out house starting by ten years of age from 1904 to 1914. Prokofiev performed as a virtuoso starting in 1910 and began making a living in music. At his graduation concierto he enjoyed his individual first entente. In 1915 during Globe War I actually he consisting Scythian Collection and his 1st classical Symphony in 1917 (David Nice). In 1918 Prokofiev shifted from The ussr to the Usa in search pertaining to greater artsy perspectives. After mixed encounters he moved to Paris in 1922 and then returned residence to Russia to be with his family in 1936. One of his first compositions upon returning residence was Peter and the Wolf. Written in April of 1936, Philip and the Wolf were created as an introduction for children towards the orchestra and were narrated by Prokofiev himself with the children's theater in Moscow. The story occurs in a field near small Peter's property. After watching the wolf...

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