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Dec 1, 2012

Why is it that 16 years old think that becoming pregnant is a good idea? I know that what ever you do anytime has a effect and nothing should go unpunished. As an example when you have unshielded, at risk sex with the boyfriend Sam as a virgin you feel so magical rather than want that night to end and it seems that for whatever reason the next couple of weeks you continue to be having that marvelous night. Easy methods to two weeks along with your period has not come, you are so worried and you are not aware of what to do. You believe what am i not going to do aha I will speak with Steve. You meet him and claim babe I believe I are pregnant in addition to your mind you are hoping he is alright with that. When you tell him that your period has failed to come and wait for his reaction, only to find out he's not excited. You then turn into overwhelmed and start to worry because you are sixteen and pregnant and have no clue what to do up coming. What do you do? You may go home and tell mommy but you are extremely scared of her reaction you want to hold back but somewhere in the back of your brain you know that in the event she discovers later she is going to be more disappointed than before. So you go home and tell her, and she is to some degree upset nevertheless very useful of your choices, and tells you that if you decide to keep your baby then you need to man up and take responsibility for your actions. Later as soon as your dad comes back from job he has been made aware of the current situation and desires to talk to you about your options. He as well wants one to know that he's very upset with you but knows that this individual cannot stress you out and begins to let you talk about what you believe. Well possessing a child when you yourself can be a child it could be very dangerous and not a responsible move. When you enter college and satisfy the love of your life and he is your all you might be a popular supporter and your sweetheart might be a favorite jock to ensure that alone delivers enormous peer pressure, then when your boyfriend...

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