Creating a strong argumentative essay outline

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Dealing with the structure of an argumentative paper

To write a good essay of any kind, you need to know the structure. When building your outline for an argumentative paper there have to be a few key elements that are important in order to provide your argument in a constructive and understandable manner. Your outline should consist of three basic parts. Here they are:

  • The introduction.
  • The first part of the body, which includes development of the argument.
  • The second part of the body, which includes providing counterarguments.
  • The conclusion.

This is the core of your outline, from which you will go further. Now, let us discuss in a more detailed manner what you are expected to do when building your argumentative essay outline.

  • The first section will primarily consist of your introduction. It is where you will provide brief information as for the background and the thesis statement on the discussed problem.
  • The second part will include all the reasons supporting your thesis. You need to have one or two paragraphs to strengthen your argument announced previously in the thesis statement. Keep in mind that argumentative essay is a kind of writing where every thought, idea and every claim has to be properly supported.
  • The third part will be built on the basis of a couple of counterarguments. No matter what you write about, there will always be an opposite point of view. So you need to get ready to prove them wrong by means of providing additional evidences and facts.

Dealing with the introduction

Now that you have an idea of the argumentative essay structure essentials, let's find out more about the introduction. Just like in other kinds of essays, the argumentative one foresees going through a number of stages. Here they are:

  • The hook goes first. The ultimate goal of the hook is to immerse your potential audience into an interesting and important topic. The whole idea is to catch the reader's eye, intrigue him and actually do whatever it takes to make him want to read your essay.
  • Brief introduction and thesis. Once you have successfully grabbed your reader's attention, you have to start pushing him towards the argument. Begin to introduce interesting facts or just present the key points of your essay. The facts can be historical, scientific or any other. The point is that you have to give your reader a glimpse of what you are going to discuss and show that this topic is worthy to read.
  • The thesis statement appears in the end of the introductory section and is actually the core of your whole writing. Everything that is further provided in your paper will serve to support the thesis statement and should be aligned with it appropriately.

Remember that the introduction is your first and last chance to make a good impression on the reader. Even though it comes in the beginning of the essay, the majority of experienced writers believe that the best way to deal with it is to make it the final step of your writing. Since it includes summary and provides the key points of your essay, you can only know how to make it after the rest is done. So begin with the body section and proceed to the intro after your body is ready or even after conclusions are made.

Building an awesome body for your essay

An argumentative essay outline is actually your map and your ultimate guide in the writing process. The part where most of the information is going to be provided is the body part. It is, in fact, where you are to do the main work. Taking into consideration your argument, the size of the body section and the number of its paragraphs may be different. As a rule, it takes nearly there paragraphs, although the number is not of such a big importance. What really matters is your capacity to provide information appropriately. If your argument can be easily proved, supported and explained in just a couple of points, then there is no need to make it longer than it is. However, if the discussed issue is absolutely uncommon and very controversial, you might need more paragraphs to make sure there will be no unanswered questions left.

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  • An opening sentence. The purpose of it is to announce your specific claim that will be further discussed. You don't need to go into details here or explain anything. Just give your reader a glimpse of what he is going to read about.
  • The analysis. Here goes your explanation. Tell them why you have chosen that or another point, what makes it important etc.
  • The evidence. This sentence serves to support your claim and proof whatever you stated in the thesis statement. Take it seriously and provide only that evidences, which are from reliable and trustworthy informational sources. Make sure there is a proper evidence for every your argument.
  • Acknowledging counterarguments. Again, the number of counterarguments is not of such a big importance. What really plays role is how you manage proving these counterarguments wrong. So make sure after each counterargument you provide an evidence that simply shows its irrelevance.
  • The finishing sentence. Now that you have developed a deep discussion, it is time to make a final statement. You are not expected to provide anything new here, but just to briefly restate your points.

This is how the body of your essay should be built. Not easy, but accomplishable. If you manage to create a detailed and profound argumentative essay outline, you will just follow the plan. However, there is one more thing that you are yet to deal with.

Building your final paragraph

So now it is only a matter of writing the conclusion. Nobody expects you to provide any novelty here, but several powerful sentences will certainly help you make a good last impression.

  • First, restate the thesis statement. Make sure not to use the same words. Look for synonyms to avoid repetition, while keeping the primary sense.
  • Second, restate all your key ideas. Remember the main points that were holding your entire essay together? This is the time to remind the reader about them. This is how you will sum up everything and make logical links between the body paragraphs and the core of your essay.
  • The final statement. Now, you have finally got to the end. Your last sentence is your last opportunity to make an awe impact on your potential reader. No novelty should be given here, although make it stand out by means of motivational phrase or an inspirational quote.

Some more tips on effective writing

  • Be reasonable. This is not that kind of paper where you can appeal to the reader's emotions. Quite the opposite, you have to use exceptionally rational thinking and analysis. Keep your emotions for another occasion and apply only logic here.
  • You may not like this one, but you really have to include counterarguments. If you care about the outcome of your writing, you need to show your awareness of the problem and confidence. And for that, it is important to let the reader know that you are certain about your rightness so much, that you are not afraid of acknowledging opposite points of view.
  • Take little breaks during the writing and one big break before you proofread your essay. This is necessary to refresh your mind and come back to writing with new strength and inspiration. And also, it will help evaluate your own writing more objectively.
  • Ask for a feedback. A constructive comment is something that can help you significantly improve your essay. Make sure to ask someone read it and share their vision.

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